Baby Nest

Every child in the baby has a “special” person also known as a key worker who is devoted to the individuals personal care and comfort. Each key worker is available for a chat with parents at the beginning and end of the day as we believe the relationship between staff and parents is paramount in the babies development.

Recent studies carried out have found the first years of life lay the groundwork for future experiences. Baring this in mind we have worked together with staff, parents and other professionals to design the room in a way to promote active learning. We have recently extended our baby room to allow more space for children to explore and develop. This extension also includes a calm environment for children to rest away from the busy environment.

The baby nest environment

The baby room has been designed as a loving home-from-home environment that encourages exploration and investigation through play.

The baby nest is open plan with all resources at floor level whether it’s a crawl in sand box or stimulating “black and white” cosy corner.

Low level shelving also allows items to be displayed and accessed at all times allowing children to make deliberate choices about what they want to use and play with.

The specialist play equipment is designed to allow exploration so regardless of what your child chooses to play with their learning and development will be supported and enhanced.

Each child has their own cot or where this is not suitable their own bed. Sleeping patterns are also designed around their individual sleeping routines.

The routine

Each baby has their own daily structure tailored to their needs and the way they are “feeling” that day.

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