Outdoor play is essential for all aspects of a child’s development.

Early experiences with the natural world have been positively linked with the development of imagination and the sense of wonder. Wonder is important as it a motivator for life long learning. Therefore we have created a natural stimulating environment for children to develop through play.

Using the Reggio-Emilia approach our newly built landscape has been specifically designed allowing children to have endless experiences by touching, feeling, listening, seeing and hearing.

The outdoor area gives opportunities for learning which can only happen outside such as viewing the change in weather, finding a colony of ants under a big stone or making a large scale construction area. All of these motivate children into mental and physical engagement.

One of the many reasons outdoor play is vital to children is to develop skills such as exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor skills. The baby and toddler room both allow free flow for children to continue their play outdoors as well as indoors.

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