Toddler Room

Our Toddler room allows children to learn through play whilst ensuring their safety is not compromised. The resources and activities are carefully planned enabling children to follow their own schemas and ideas.
The Team:

The staff team works closely together with the parents to cater for each individuals needs.

Up to age of three the staff ratio is one to four.

The “special” person system is in place to encourage children to socialize with others or supporting them whilst investigating toys and activities alone.

The Toddler Room Environment:

Promotes independent learning and development by having all items accessible at standing, crawling and sitting height.

Encourages children to engage in a wide range of creative activities with a fully equipped art and collage centre.

Provides a wide collection of opportunities to explore and discover in a safe stimulating environment.

Outdoor experiences are planned regardless of the weather to offer a wide variety of opportunities.

The Routine

The day is structured but still very flexible to meet individual requirements.

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